Project Example

mCenas! SMS Client Education to Improve Family Planning Uptake Among Youth

mCenas! seeks to identify and address myths and misconceptions related to family planning among the youth in Mozambique and deliver that information via mobile phones. The content includes role model stories and informational messages short message service (SMS) messages sent to youth aged 15-24 to address family planning access and uptake. The role model stories, developed to address parenting and non-parenting boys and girls, cover key topics youth face in choosing to start or continue a family planning method.

One of the key functions of the SMS message platform is a “Frequently Asked Questions” function which allows youth to receive SMS messages on topics ranging from pregnancy to sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, in addition to informational messages about family planning methods.

mCenas! has three main components:

  • A story delivered through SMS messages that youth can relate to and draw on for further dialogue and reflection with peers
  • Informational messages about each contraceptive method
  • An interactive “Frequently Asked Questions” function where the youth can ask about a range of sexual and reproductive health topics

Source: Pathfinder

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019