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Sangini Injection Brochure

CRS in Nepal piloted injectable contraceptives through pharmacies in the Kathmandu Valley in 1994, under the local brand name Sangini-Tin Mahiney Sui (Sangini three-month injection). Prior to the social franchising of Sangini, Depo-Provera was available only through public sector clinics and hospitals.

Sangini was introduced through 50 trained and certified service providers at Rs. 40, including service charges. Nepal CRS Company was responsible for marketing the contraceptive while the Nepal Fertility Care Centre was responsible for providing the quality of care service, including training and monitoring of the 50 outlets. In the first year Sangini sold 1,248 vials through 50 medical shops and in the second year, it was expanded outside the capital to 170 medical shops and increased the sale to 11,424 vials. In the third year the number of medical shops reached to 274 and sales was 48,372 vials. In the 4th and 5th year, the number of outlets reached to 430 and 737 and the sales was a 51,190 and 94,435 vial. The social franchising of Sangini has now expanded to all 75 districts and the total numbers of franchising outlets have reached to more than 3,000 outlets while its sales have reached to 590,462 vials in the year 2012/2013.

Source: Nepal CRS Company

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019