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Tools Together Now! 100 Participatory Tools to Mobilise Communities for HIV/AIDS

This is part two of a two-part community mobilization toolkit for HIV/AIDS that helps communities to become actively and influentially involved in addressing the causes and effects of HIV and AIDS.

The resources are:

All Together Now! Community mobilization for HIV/AIDS guides you through the process of mobilizing communities to address HIV prevention, care, support, impact mitigation and treatment for those affected by HIV and AIDS.

• Tools Together Now! 100 participatory tools to mobilize communities for HIV/AIDS is a set of participatory exercises designed to help put All Together Now! into practice. In this resource, there is a selection of 100 participatory learning and action (PLA) tools which you can use for HIV/AIDS programs. PLA tools are interactive activities which enable communities and organizations to learn together about HIV/AIDS in their community, develop a plan, act on it and evaluate and reflect on how it went. The philosophy of this set of publications is that organizations and communities have to work as closely together as possible if they are to address HIV/AIDS successfully.

This toolkit was specifically designed for communities and organizations to use alongside All Together Now! Community Mobilization for HIV/AIDS to: Uul>

  • Start together to address HIV/AIDS
  • Assess the HIV/AIDS situation together
  • Make a plan together
  • Implement the plan together
  • Evaluate that plan together
  • Decide what they want to do next together
  • Scale up action on HIV/AIDS together.

Source: International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Date of Publication: November 29, 2020