Project Example

Transforming Masculinities

Transforming Masculinities is an evidence-based approach used in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR) to promote gender equality and positive masculinities within faith communities.

This approach is based upon the understanding that spiritual beliefs and faith leaders are part of the structure that shapes social and gender norms, and focuses on prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence.

Known locally as Masculinité, Famille, et Foi, the intervention adapts the Transforming Masculinities approach to include reflection on normative environments and the acceptability of family planning. It consists of a series of trainings, group discussions called ‘community dialogues,’ and diffusion activities that guide faith leaders, young couples, and congregations to identify, create, and embrace positive masculine identities and gender-equitable behaviors.

In addition, an enabling service environment provides a foundation of high-quality, youth-friendly health services across both experimental and control sites. Working with newly married couples and first-time parents, the intervention encourages reflection, dialogue, and action to build norms that condemn violence and enable access to family planning services.

Source: Institute for Reproductive Health

Date of Publication: June 25, 2019