Project Example

Treatment 2.0 Factsheets

This factsheet presents questions and answers about “Treatment 2.0” – a new approach to HIV treatment. It is hoped that by treating HIV in this new way, there will be a dramatic increase in ARV coverage not only to save lives and
meet Universal Access goals, but as a strategy to significantly reduce new HIV infections.

Treatment 2.0 is also called Treatment as Prevention, and the factsheet explains that when a high percentage of an HIV-infected population is on ARV treatment in a city or a cohort, HIV infection rates drop significantly in that population. This seems to imply that ARV drugs could be a powerful prevention tool at the population level.

The main goals of Treatment 2.0 are:

  • Increase HIV treatment access
  • Simplify treatment delivery
  • Lower HIV infection rates
  • Reduce costs of HIV care
  • Strengthen communities to engage in health services
  • Protect human rights

Source: ITPC Global

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019