Project Example

Using Social Listening to Inform Integrated Social and Behavior Change Programs in Burkina Faso

Breakthrough RESEARCH, in collaboration with resource partner M&C Saatchi, is using social listening as a research strategy to understand the types of health information shared through social media in Francophone West Africa.

Social listening is the process of tracking and analyzing conversation content and related metrics for a particular topic on social media. For social and behavior change (SBC) programs, social listening can be an important tool for better understanding people’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Social listening research analyzes the content and sentiment behind messages—including misinformation—and uses that information to inform program design and adaptive management.

Using social listening to Inform Integrated SBC programs in Burkina Faso shares findings specific to Burkina Faso and discusses how this information can be used to inform integrated SBC activities in RISE II program countries.

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Source: Population Council/Breakthrough RESEARCH

Date of Publication: September 19, 2021