Project Example

Addis and Gutema Protect their Family Against Malaria [Flipchart]

The Malaria Prevention Campaign, launched in Oromia Region of Ethiopia recognized communities for taking specific actions to combat malaria. The focus of the campaign was around small, doable actions that families carry out to protect themselves against malaria. The community volunteers under direction from the Community Mobilization Committee (CMC) energized and supported their communities, families, and schools to take the actions necessary to prevent malaria.

This flipchart tells the story of Addis and Gutema who want to protect their family against malaria. The flipchart shows how they hang their net, always sleep under it, and how they take care of it. This is contrasted with another family which does not use a net – and showing that some members of the latter family contract malaria.

The flipchart also describes malaria prevention and proper care for someone who is ill with malaria.

Source: FHI 360

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019