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How to Become a Champion Community: Campaign Guide [Ethiopia]

The Malaria Prevention Campaign, launched in Oromia Region of Ethiopia, recognized communities for taking specific actions to combat malaria. The focus of the campaign was around small, doable actions that families carry out to protect themselves against malaria. The community volunteers under direction from the Community Mobilization Committee (CMC) energized and supported their communities, families, and schools to take the actions necessary to prevent malaria.

This campaign guide walks community leaders, health educators, and health workers through the steps necessary to become a “Champion Community” by meeting the goals it sets for itself.

The steps in the process are:

1. Establish a Community Mobilization Committee (CMC) & attend Launch Workshop.

2. Organize a community Start-up Meeting in your kebele [neighborhood or community.

3. Set a reasonable goal for earning Malaria Protection Stickers.

4. Review your Implementation Plan and begin your Malaria Protection Campaign.

5. Monitor your kebele’s progress, towards reaching your goal.

6. Certify that your kebele’s goal has been met.

7. Celebrate your SUCCESS

Source: FHI 360

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019