Project Example

Bridges of Hope Facilitator’s Guide

This is a training program for service providers and communication professionals working in Ebola-affected countries.

By the end of the training, participatants will:

  • Be motivated to act in ways that help their community to become and remain healthy and Ebola-free
  • Understand how Ebola is transmitted and how to minimize the risk of transmission
  • Be able to identify symptoms that may indicate Ebola infection
  • Understand what they can safely do to support someone who has Ebola symptoms to improve the person’s chances of survival
  • Know what to do to ensure a safe burial if someone dies of Ebola
  • Welcome and support Ebola survivors, recognizing that they pose no threat and, in fact, have a valuable role to play in helping to prevent and treat Ebola cases in their community
  • Support and not sitgmatize those who have lost family members to Ebola

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019