Project Example

Change Agent Development Programme Training Impact Assessment Report

The Ghana Communicate for Health Project’s Change Agent Development Programme (CADP) was designed to address specific capacity gaps in both the areas of SBCC technical and personal effectiveness skills in response to a baseline SBCC capacity assessment conducted at the national, regional and district levels in May 2015.

The team conducted a review of job descriptions (competencies, qualifications and responsibilities of the HP cadre to complement the SBCC capacity assessment. This work was done in close collaboration with the Human Resource Directorate of the Ghana Health Service and support from Communicate for Health.

The rationale for the CADP was to strengthen the individual technical capacity of the selected national, regional and district-level staff through technical presentations by selected industry experts and academia followed by questions and discussion sessions, the use of case studies, and practical group exercises. Participative approaches to engage people fully as well as the integration of the current and emerging Health Promotion theories, health priorities and SBCC campaigns formed the trust of the training content and delivery. In addition to technical skills the CADP was carefully designed to improve the personal effectiveness and leadership skills, presentation, problem solving and resource mobilization capacity of the participants.

A pre- and post-training assessment was conducted to gauge the level of understanding of the participants on the content of the CADP. Results from the pre-and post-training assessment show significant improvement in the scores for all beneficiaries at baseline. There was a 10% to 40% increase in post-assessment scores over the pre-assessment was observed, giving an indication that learning had taken place because of the CADP.

Source: Communicate for Health Ghana

Date of Publication: March 5, 2020