Project Example

Curriculum for Change Agent Development Program

This document provides a brief introduction to the background, purpose and targeted participants of the Change Agent Development Programme (CADP). It provides details of the curriculum content and learning objectives particpants can expect to achieve through their involvement.

The purpose of the Change Agent Development Programme is to strengthen individual capacity and fill existing skills and knowledge gaps of select national, regional and district-level staff of the Health Promotion Department to effectively coordinate and deliver SBCC and Health Promotion Campaigns.

Expected outcomes of the CADP are that by the end participants will have:

  • A deeper understanding of, and acquire new skills and knowledge in evidence based SBCC theory and practice
  • Learned strategies and tactics for applying the new knowledge and skills in their work setting
  • Developed insights, new ideas and techniques on how to tackle and influence social norms that negatively impact health
  • A greater awareness of current SBCC campaigns and practical ways to utilise and co-ordinate them effectively at regional, district and community level
  • Increased their understanding of the Health Promotion (HP) role and improvement of individual personal effectiveness
  • Become equipped to transfer SBCC knowledge and skills to peers through an organised system of mentorshipA
  • Acquired the skills required to implementing innovative SBCC interventions at a local level supported through the Change Challenge Fund

Source: Communicate for Health Ghana

Date of Publication: July 19, 2021