Project Example

Counseling the Obstetric Fistula Patient: A Training Curriculum

The goal of this curriculum is to prepare service providers at all levels to provide information and counseling to fistula clients, including referral for treatment and recovery services and counseling for related issues outside their usual scope of work.

As a result of this training, providers will be able to use communication and counseling skills to perform the following counseling tasks:

  • Assess the client’s needs and concerns
  • Provide accurate information on the following: what a fistula is, the causes of fistula, means of preventing fistula, and treatment and self care for fistula; pre- and post-operative fistula care
  • Provide support to the client and her partner/family, as appropriate before, during, and after fistula repair
  • Help the client make decisions about family planning, prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and receipt of other reproductive health services
  • Provide counseling to the client’s partner and/or family (when available and with the client’s permission)

Source: EngenderHealth

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019