Project Example

Gender-Based Violence Video

This resource is from the Brothers for Life campaign, which was launched in 2009 and seeks to address the risks associated with multiple and concurrent partnerships, sex and alcohol abuse, and gender-based violence; and promotes HIV testing, male involvement in PMTCT, and other health seeking behaviors. In this video, a man talks about how he used to beat his wife, but then decided that it had to stop and took steps to stop his own behavior and change himself. The video ends with the tagline: “You can change. Stop gender-based violence.”

The South Africa National Communication Survey 2012 Preliminary Results revealed that Brothers for Life reached about 60% of their intended population. Regarding condom use, it was also determined that the program should continue to promote self-efficacy and positive attitudes toward condom use as these have a positive net effect on condom use at last sex. Condom use promotion through community meetings and increasing community involvement also has a positive effect on condom use. The survey also revealed in regards to HIV testing that self-efficacy to request partner testing and discussion with sex partners about getting tested together has a positive net effect. Regarding Multiple Sex Partners (MSP), the program did not have any direct effect on MSP but had a net positive effect on self-efficacy to avoid MSP.

Source: Johns Hopkins Health and Education South Africa (JHHESA)

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019