Project Example

Guia para Tener una Comunidad Saludable (Guide to Having a Healthy Community)

The Healthy Communities and Municipalities methodology is comprised of a guide for prospective program managers, which teaches them about the value of health promotion and provides instructions for application, as well as the toolkits which are provided to the local governments to enable them to equip their communities with health monitoring tools and leadership development programs in coordination with the program managers. The tools are implemented at the family, community, and municipal/district level through a series of interventions to increase community leadership, and awareness of healthy practices, and behavior change as measured through the community assessment. The individual tools are easy-to-use and developed for semi-literate populations.

The community guide has 3 versions for different regions: coast, mountains, and jungle. The community guide shows community members the steps they can follow to have a healthy community. Included are a diagnostic card for communities to review their current situation and make a plan for achieving a healthy community, and a poster and a table that allows Neighborhood Committees to track maternal and child health indicators.

Source: Management Sciences for Health

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019