Project Example

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Gender Tool: “Tchova Tchova Historias de Vida” Community Dialogues

Tchova Tchova Histórias de Vida – TTHV™ is a unique methodology designed for the Mozambican context to promote gender equity, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment adherence, participatory development and collective action. TTHV™ was adapted from an earlier model developed by JHU in Africa (“African Transformation”) and the Middle East (“Arab Women Speak Out™”). TTHV™ applies a transformational approach to facilitate social and behavioral change through a process of community dialogue, in which women and men discuss and explore risk factors and critically examine how social and gender norms operate in their own lives, their families and communities. The TTHV™ tool kit included 10 videos and written profiles of Mozambican “positive deviant” men, women and couples telling their stories of how they overcame gender, cultural and social barriers to make positive changes in their lives with a specific focus on HIV treatment and prevention. An 11th session, “Building a cohesive community to solve problems” was created aimed at developing group action plans to advocate for new social/gender norms and HIV preventive behaviors among community members. The set of materials includes the following video profiles:

  • Social Roles: What Men Can Do
  • Tradition and Cultural Norms
  • Social Roles: What Women Can Do
  • How to Overcome Domestic Violence
  • Dialogue on Condom Use
  • Serodiscordant Couples

Also included are the following facilitation guides:

  • Field Activities Monitoring and Supervision Guide
  • Success Stories
  • Key Points (Lembrancas)
  • Session Facilitation Guide Part I
  • Session Facilitation Guide Part II
  • Session Facilitation Guide Part III
  • Written Profiles 1-3
  • Written Profiles 4-6
  • Written Profiles 7-10
  • Historias da Vide

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019