Project Example

Integrating Intersectionality in Work with Lesbian Women, Bisexual Women and Transwomen in Zimbabwe

This paper presents the work of Voice of the Voiceless (VOVO), a civil society organisation based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and development partner of Oxfam.

VOVO is working to integrate intersectionality in its work with lesbian women, bisexual women and trans-women (LBT). This work highlights the importance of using intersectional awareness to build bridges and form alliances in an effort to challenge the status quo in a country marred by a serious erosion of women’s rights. However, the lessons learned from this experience challenge the conjuncture of identity politics and intersectionality, which is both essential yet problematic.

The paper emphasizes the need to understand that applying an intersectional lens is critical to avoid reinforcing the exclusions already faced by many women.

Source: Oxfam

Date of Publication: March 11, 2021