Project Example

Building Gender Sensitive Resilience through Women’s Economic Empowerment Lessons Learned from Pastoralist Women in Ethiopia  

The paper explores how the overlap of a double marginalized identity produces particular disadvantages for pastoralist women in Ethiopia, and how the Oxfam intervention in the Somali region addresses the connection between these disadvantages and poverty and power.

The Oxfam intervention in the Somali region addressed the connection between pastoralist women’s disadvantages and poverty and power through four main strategies, based on the assumption that the advancement on women’s rights would be a logical step after achieving a better economic and social position and condition in Somali communities.

These strategies were:

  • Raising awareness, building capacities, and educating women and girls
  • Mobilizing and organizing pastoralist women
  • Engaging new key stakeholders (traditional and religious leaders, youth, etc. in women’s issues
  • Providing sustainable and effective livelihoods alternatives

Source: Oxfam

Date of Publication: March 10, 2021