Project Example

Success Stories of Satisfied Family Planning Users , Nepal

The Family Planning Services Strengthening Program ( FPSSP) is a project under USAID’s cooperative agreement with the Inernational Planned Parenthood Federation ( IPPF) for implementationof the Support for International Family Plannning Organizations ( SIFPO-2) : Sustainable Networks Project. The Family Planning Association of Nepal ( FPAN), an IPPF Member Association ( MA), serves as the Sustainable Network’s local implementing partner.

The overall objective of FPSSP is to strengthen the family planning service delivery system of the Family Health Division ( FHD)/Department of Health Services ( DoHS)/Ministry of Health ( MoH). It aims to increase voluntary use of family planning services by increasing accessibility and availability of quality comprehensive family planning services to the hard to reach, disadvantaged,migrants, and adolescent population to acheive universal coverage in the districts and increase access to voluntary family planning information, education and services.

These three success stories tell of real people who took advantage of the FP services and the happy results of their experience.

Source: Family Planning Association of Nepal

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019