Project Example

Mulange One-on-One Condom Use for Men [TV Spot]

The six Mulange One-on-One spots are products of the national HIV-prevention campaign Safe Love. The TV spots address various issues relevant to the three key drivers of HIV in Zambia that the Safe Love campaign is targeting (high levels of MCP, low and inconsistent condom use, mother to child transmission of HIV). The spots use well-known Zambian figures to communicate how to engage in positive behaviors the campaign is encouraging. Mulange means to show/teach someone how to do something. Taking the lead from this word, each spot is formatted to resemble a one-on-one lesson with the presenter. In this 90 second spot for men, Slap Dee addresses the question of how to ask your partner to use a condom. He covers 4 steps: 1. Make sure you have condoms, 2. Tell your partner how much you love her, 3. Remind her how much you like being with her, and 4. Make a choice. The spots have been aired on national television and in selected movie theaters in Lusaka during previews. In a rapid survey of the Safe Love Campaign conducted in May 2012, it was shown that 66.5% of respondents were exposed to the Safe Love campaigns, 56% learned at least one message from the campaigns, 39% reported changing their sexual behavior as a result of the campaign, 91% felt that Safe Love messages were relevant for Zambians, and 93% reported that they had a positive reaction to the campaign’s messages.

Source: Chemonics

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019