Project Example

The Munyonyo Declaration: Improving Health Communication and Public Understanding

The Declaration was developed as one of the outputs of the first forum in the Building Bridges series, which was held in Kampala, Uganda, in April 2017. The Building Bridges series focuses on sharing knowledge for health between researchers, policymakers and knowledge intermediaries like journalists, broadcasters, librarians and journal editors. The series is led by US National Library of Medicine, in partnership with African Health Sciences, and assisted by the Association of Health Care Journalists, Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) and the Alfred Friendly Press Partners, in the context of the African Journal Partnership Program (AJPP). Further meetings are planned for other AJPP partner countries.

The aim of these meetings is to promote the dissemination of health research and information to lay-people and policy-makers by fostering long-term relationships between researchers, policy-makers and knowledge intermediaries, ideally by establishing a digital network in the requesting country. Our central premise is that greater access to more accurate information leads to better decisions, healthier behaviours, and more effective policies. Good health information also increases the general health literacy throughout the country.

Source: Building Bridges Forum

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019