Project Example

SBC Palika Package – SBC Capacity Strengthening Support Material for Local Level

SBC Palika Package is a capcity strengthening support material for developing, advocating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating Social Behavior Change (SBC) capacity for local-level health personnel and elected bodies.

This package includes:
1. Introduction to SBC for health
2. Reason to include SBC in annual planning and the process of inclusion
3. Skills to strengthen the capacity to include SBC for health activities in local-level annual plan and to implement them

Benefits of using this support material are listed as follows:
1. All SBC programs will be formulated based on evidence
2. The rural and urban municipality Social Development sections will be clear about their roles and responsibilities during the annual planning process
3. It will help in preparing SBC activities for health with adequate budget for different health related programs that has been developed in participatory method in consultation with all stakeholders
4. The capacity will be developed in the local level to formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate all SBC activities for health

Source: Breakthrough ACTION/Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: April 13, 2020