Project Example

STOP Malaria [Board Game]

The STOP Malaria board game is designed for primary school children but provides a fun and interactive way of learning about malaria for all ages. Based on the well-known game “Snakes and Ladders” or “Chutes and Ladders”, participants roll a die and answer questions about malaria to advance from start to finish. Questions are based on four categories: malaria treatment, nutrition during malaria, general facts about malaria, and malaria prevention. During the course of the game, players stand a chance to advance quickly (rewarded for positive behavior to prevent or treat malaria) or slide backwards (penalized for negative behavior that hinders the treatment or prevention of malaria) when they land on a STOP Malaria square. Participants can also use the game’s question cards to play the game in two other formats: team question and answer, and school quiz tournament.

Source: Chemonics

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019