Project Example

The Zambia Compass

he Zambia Compass is a sister site to the Global Compass. It provides a curated collection of resources, materials and guidelines that have been designed for and implemented in Zambia.

The collection offers materials and resources that have been approved by relevant bodies, as well as government policies and guidelines that inform the implementation of your Social and Behavior Change (SBC) projects in Zambia. Each document in the Zambia Compass has been reviewed by specialized committees (Malaria, National AIDS Council for HIV materials, Nutrition, Family Planning, and Adolescent Health etc.) to ensure it was developed using the best practices of SBC.

The Zambia Compass is designed to help alleviate duplication of efforts and provide a resource for SBC partners and practitioners. In addition, the Zambia Compass offers:

  • An online application process for approval of materials and messages
  • A growing repository (and history) of approved materials and messages for Zambia
  • Guidelines, policies and protocols for Zambia
  • A searchable list of active partners in Zambia
  • A list of key events and activities taking place in Zambia
  • Direct access to global resources hosted on the Global Compass
  • Links to Springboard, the online community of SBC professionals

Source: Breakthrough ACTION/Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: September 29, 2020