Helping Health Workers Learn

This book provides hundreds of methods, aids, and learning strategies to make health education engaging and effective, encouraging community involvement through participatory education.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, English, Farsi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Tamil, Urdu




    Infographics about COVID-19 in Many Languages

    These infographics were designed through a strategic process led by Harvard Medical Students, Harvard School of Public Health professionals and alumni as well as physicians.

    The infographics designers are now partnering with the Cincinnati Health Department to make more specific infographics.

    Source: Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health

    Date of Publication: July 21, 2020

    Cholera Prevention Animated Video

    This video, which can be used on smart phones, describes several techniques that can be used to help prevent cholera, including methods of treating water, washing of hands, and seeking medical advice if/when one has the symptoms of cholera.

    The video is available for download in many languages and can be downloaded to a computer, cell phone, smart phone, or for broadcast.

    Source: SAWBO

    Date of Publication: March 25, 2019