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Burkina Faso Child Mortality Radio Spots

These spots are part of a behavior change trial program targeting all causes of child mortality in seven randomised geographic areas (clusters) across Burkina Faso, and using seven additional clusters as controls. The trial is scheduled to last for 2.5 years and began broadcasting in March 2012; midline results (on behaviour change) were published in May 2014, and full endline data (including child mortality outcomes) will be published in 2015. The evaluation of this trial is is the most robust evaluation that has ever been conducted of a mass media intervention in a developing country. For more information on the trial click here.

The partner radio stations broadcast 10 spots (adverts) a day in six local languages on a variety of health issues that have an impact on child mortality. The scripts are produced in French by a creative team in Burkina Faso, and are translated into each of the six languages and recorded at a studio in Ouagadougou before being sent to partner radio stations for broadcast.

These spots were recorded in 2013:

The trial campaign also broadcasts live, interactive two-hour evening shows each weekday on each partner radio station. Dramas form a key part of these shows, which have become the most popular programos on the partner stations. The scripts are produced in French by a creative team earlier on the same day, and then emailed to each of the seven partner stations across the country. Each team of local actors rehearses the script, tweaks it to suit the local context, and then acts it out live on radio that evening in their local language. This is followed by a lively phone-in, during which listeners are encouraged to call the presenters of the show to discuss the issues that have been raised and to give their own reactions. This is a far less didactic format; callers are invited to talk openly, and a wide range of views are entertained and explored. Here is an example of a hygiene drama and phone-in discussion.

Development Media International is conducting a cluster-randomised trial to test the impact of the campaign.

Source: Development Media International

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019