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Fema and Ruka Juu na TV Shows

Fema TV Talk Show is a talk show for and by youth, reinforcing and complimenting messages communicated in other Femina HIP products. The 30-minute, weekly show in Swahili is broadcast nationally on ITV and TBC1. The show’s young hosts invite young people, experts, celebrities, and politicians to discuss critical, and sometimes controversial, issues relating to youth lifestyles. Increasingly, the shows are shot on location in rural areas allowing a wider public to share their experiences and giving voice to young people and communities who generally do not have the opportunity to access the airwaves. Interactivity is encouraged through SMS and email. Organisations can access copies of the show for use in their community activities.

Broadcast between the March 12 and May 23 2011, Ruka Juu na Fema TV Show was a reality television show to encourage young people in Tanzania to develop entrepreneurial skills. The debut season of Ruka Juu ran for 11 weeks, following six young Tanzanian micro-entrepreneurs as their skills were put to the test with a series of challenges. The show is part of Femina’s economic empowerment agenda focusing on entrepreneurship, business skills, and financial literacy, and was funded by Sir Ronald Grierson, AON and The Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT). Ruka Juu is a Swahili expression for ‘jump up’ and refers to Femina’s economic empowerment agenda. Ruka Juu has become Femina’s motto to encourage youth to ‘Jump Up and build their lives!’

Source: Femina Hip

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019