Project Example

Femina Hip

In 1999 Femina Hip was set up as a civil society organization in Tanzania to foster healthy lifestyles by educating and connecting young people around sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as HIV/AIDS prevention at a precarious time of the epidemic.

To address this reality the project created a multimedia platform to foster knowledge and skills through participatory story telling. In the subsequent years the platform grew adding communication vehicles including TV, radio, print and social media as well as a large outreach program through study clubs in secondary schools.

The Fema TV Show has been on air since 2003, highlighting different themes and campaigns each season. Recorded ‘on the road’ in different locations across Tanzania, this media vehicle provides a dynamic and versatile entry point for Femina Hip to address current issues.

Fema Radio first aired in 2013 and is produced in three month seasons each year. The show’s content is regularly crafted to echo our other Femina Hip agendas that are implemented at the same time. Like all of our other media products, Fema Radio is recorded ‘on the road’ exploring and engaging youth and communities across Tanzania.

Fema Magazine has been produced and printed quarterly for 20 years in Tanzania. It has one of the largest print runs and is one of the most popular and well known magazines in the country. It is distributed to both secondary schools, Folk Development Colleges, local government and civil society partners across Tanzania. The magazine content includes sections on all of Femina Hip’s strategic agendas: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Economic Empowerment, Citizen Engagement and Youth Connect.

In 2009 the program expanded its life skills agenda and our focus on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention to include economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and citizen rights and engagement.

Date of Publication: May 11, 2020