Project Example

Engaging Private Providers to Improve TB Outcomes in Indonesia

The objectives of this report were to deepen the understanding of private sector patient and provider behaviors and motivations and to identify solutions that would align with these realities and most effectively improve health outcomes for private sector tuberculosis patients.

This review was not intended to provide a representative view of private sector TB care or to address the substantial number of patients who are treated in public health care facilities. The review focused on four districts that fall in provinces prioritized through USAID’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy: Medan (North Sumatera province), North Jakarta and East Jakarta (the special capital region. Daerah Khusus Ibukota [DKI] Jakarta province), and Jember (East Java province).

Within each district, the review team conducted qualitative fieldwork that included structured interviews and focus groups that included TB patients treated in the private sector, physicians practicing in private facilities, pharmacists working in private pharmacies, and private laboratory administrators. This was further supplemented by interviews with a range of local, national, and international stakeholders. Socialization meetings were held with Dinas Kesehatan—provincial and district-level Health Authority—as well as the National Tuberculosis Program.

Source: USAID, Indonesia National TB Program

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019