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Malaria Safe Guide

This guide is intended as resource to help businesses in Ghana protect employees from malaria.

The ultimate goal of Malaria Safe is to build a partnership of active companies that are benefiting from protecting employees and communities through Malaria Safe actions, sharing their success stories and championing the malaria cause.

This guide was developed based on the best practices, resources, and experiences from a variety of successful companies of all sizes in Sub-Saharan Africa that have been committed to the fight against malaria. Malaria Safe actions are actions that lead to a future free of malaria.

These actions are categorized into four pillars:

  • Protection
  • Education
  • Visibility
  • Championing

Distributing LLINs and providing LLIN education to employees and company health workers are Malaria Safe actions from the protection and education pillars. PSMP’s Malaria Safe initiative offers information, educational seminars, promotional and networking opportunities, and contacts and support for LLIN procurement for decision makers in the private sector. For more information, please visit

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, UKAID

Date of Publication: December 30, 2020