Project Example

Flower Boat [Comic Book]

The “Know Yourself” Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Communication Program was developed by the Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP), with support from the ARH Working Group, technical assistance from the Health Communication Partnership, based at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JUH.CCP) and with funding from USAID and UNICEF.

In order to promote awareness and address adolescent issues and problems, BCCP orchestrated an ARH Communication Strategy. Based on an extensive research, a set of materials on the adolescent reproductive health behavior was produced for adolescents, communities and parents. The purpose of the materials is to disseminate information, create motivation and teach life skills to deal with adolescence issues and to foster an enabling environment that promotes knowledge and service-seeking.

This comic book features the adventures of adolescents Sajjad and his sister Shanu in a semi-urban town, and touches on reproductive health issues. In this story, Sajjad and Shanu experience emotinal and physical changes that occur during adolescence. Both become moody and worry about their appearance. Eventually they learn that these changes and concerns are a natural part of growing up.

Each comic book includes guidelines and questions for discussion.

Source: Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP), ARH Working Group, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019