Project Example

Scrutinize Facilitator’s Guide

Scrutinize is an Entertainment Education project that focuses on HIV/AIDS education and prevention. “Scrutinize” is a term used to refer to “Scrutinizing,” or checking out the behaviors that places young people at risk of HIV.

The entire campaign focuses on Victor, the Scrutinize Taxi Driver who is on a mission to prevent HIV. He is joined in this mission by other famous celebrities who all help to “Scrutinize” the sexual partnerships and behaviors that place young and old people at risk of HIV. This Facilitator’s Guide is designed to help with facilitating interactive discussions about the behaviors that place people at risk of HIV using arts, culture, drama and/or discussions in small groups.

The discussion topics include risk, condoms, alcohol, multiple partners, relationships and love, and relationships between young people and much older men/women (“sugar daddies”). The South Africa National Communication Survey 2012 Preliminary Results revealed that Scrutinize reached about 70% of the intended population, promoted self-efficacy and positive attitudes toward condom use. Regarding HIV, the survey also revealed that self-efficacy to request partner testing and discussion with sex partners about getting tested together has a positive net effect.

Source: Johns Hopkins Health and Education South Africa (JHHESA)

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019