Project Example

Innovation Brief: Model Provider Research Approach to Identify Barriers and Facilitators to High Quality Family Planning Services

In Côte d’Ivoire, Transform/PHARE developed and tested an intervention that captured insights from model Family Planning (FP) providers to inform recommendations to the Ministry of Health (MOH), professional associations, and FP implementing partners for replicating and facilitating the conditions for provider excellence.

This process departed from standard approaches to performance improvement because it focused on providers’ strengths rather than weaknesses and providers’ own perspectives. PHARE recommends this approach as one component of quality improvement, not as a replacement for ongoing supportive supervision.

The aim of this brief is to describe the process PHARE used to identify characteristics and needs of model providers and convert those insights into guidance for fostering high performance across the FP workforce. Implementers can follow the steps outlined in this brief to replicate the process in other FP service delivery settings.

Source: Population Services International

Date of Publication: March 1, 2021