Project Example

Innovation Brief: A Total Market Approach for Voluntary Family Planning Programming that Includes Social and Behavior Change Communication

Total Market Approach (TMA) is a process used to improve the performance of a market in an equitable and sustainable manner, with the goal of achieving universal coverage of products and services.

Using TMA for FP programming involves making the most efficient use of existing resources and delivery points in the health system to generate demand for voluntary FP and ensuring that all consumers can access the FP method of their choice, regardless of their income level.

This brief, available in English and French, is intended for managers, including government stewards, of voluntary FP programming. It provides a guide for using the TMA methodology, including conducting a landscaping of social and behavior change communications (SBCC) in the FP market. It should be noted that SBCC is often overlooked or downplayed in FP market analysis. Its inclusion in the TMA analysis in Cote d’Ivoire yielded a comprehensive picture of the FP market, which in turn, informed subsequent programming to support improvements in the FP market to meet consumers’ needs.

Source: Population Services International

Date of Publication: March 1, 2021