Project Example

Innovations Lab, Burkina Faso

This webpage introduces the Innovation Lab project, implemented in Burkina Faso under Transform/PHARE.

The overall objective of this work is to 1) increase the capacity of local FP implementers to use Human Centered Design (HCD) in designing quality FP programs targeting men, and 2) connect them with non-traditional actors who might provide new perspectives that strengthen male engagement interventions.

Overall, the project follows a three-phase process to identify, prototype, and pilot new and innovative interventions:

  • Innovation Lab phase: A four-day participative workshop (“Innovation Lab”) took place in Ouagadougou. Using HCD principles of inspiration and ideation and with the input from non-traditional participants (e.g., entrepreneurs, musicians, comedians) five teams identified interventions to increase male engagement in FP. The Innovation Lab ended with three interventions being selected for the prototyping phase.
  • Prototyping phase: The NGOs working on the selected interventions will receive on-the ground support from Transform/PHARE to develop a prototype and further test and refine their interventions. The prototyping phase ends with the selection of 1-2 interventions being selected for a pilot.
  • Pilot phase: During a three-month period, the selected NGOs received support from Transform/PHARE to pilot their interventions.

Source: PSI

Date of Publication: March 1, 2021