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Innovation Brief: Leveraging Technology to Develop and Test Family Planning Mass Media Campaigns in Niger and Cote D’Ivoire

The use of technology for Family Planning (FP) mass media provides an opportunity to reach a large number of people with appropriate FP information, often at national scale, and allows messages to be adjusted and improved quickly based on real-time feedback.

Using technology for developing and testing FP mass media campaigns also provides users with a safe and anonymous space to interact when they are free. This is a particularly important factor in contexts where FP is a taboo subject, especially among certain populations.

The aim of this brief is to present an overview of two uses of technology (interactive voice response (IVR) and Facebook) for FP mass media campaigns in Niger and Côte d’Ivoire (CDI), the challenges and benefits of using technology, and considerations for future use.

Source: Population Services International

Date of Publication: March 1, 2021