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Liberia National Malaria Social and Behavior Change Strategy

The Liberia National Malaria Strategic Plan 2021–2025 redefines the strategic direction and focus of the malaria program, including strengthening of management and coordination structures, health systems, and capacities to achieve greater equity, coverage, quality, and more effective delivery of the interventions. In addition, the malaria NSP includes plans for preparedness and timely response during emergencies to ensure malaria control activities continue with minimal disruptions in an emergency (e.g., Ebola virus disease or coronavirus).

As the first National Malaria Social and Behavior Change Strategy for Liberia, this document is intended to guide all social and behavior change efforts supporting the objectives outlined in the NSP.

The participatory strategy development process involved partners of the Ministry of Health (National Health Promotion Unit (NHPU), the National Community Health Services Program (NCHP), the NMCP, Family Health Program (FHP) at the national and subnational levels, donors, non-governmental organizations, and international partners.

Source: Liberia National Malaria Control Program

Date of Publication: April 27, 2022