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Malaria Health Facility Posters

These serves a dual purpose of job aids for service providers and reminder materials for clients. It has uniform messages per thematic area but are state-specific with images that resonates with cultural and religious leanings in by state.

The thematic categories covered are:

  1. MALARIA IN PREGNANCY – Job aid and reminder tips on ANC registration, LLIN use and care, IPT Information and appropriate IPT administration to pregnant women
  1. ANC/IPT – A reminder material for Clients to register early for ANC and take at least 3 doses of IPT during every pregnancy
  1. MALARIA PREVENTION – A reminder material for Clients on the three steps to malaria prevention; sleeping inside LLIN every night all rea round, treating confirmed cases of malaria with only ACTs and attending ANC and taking at least 3 doses of IPT during every pregnancy
  1. ACT – A reminder material for both Clients and Service Providers to always treat every confirmed case of malaria with only ACTs
  1. RDT – A material targeted at Caregivers to know that “Not Every Fever is Malaria” and RDT test can confirm if it is malaria or not under 10-15 minutes.

The posters were used in Nasarawa, Benue, Akwa Ibom, Kebbi & Zamfara between 2015-2017, and were produced in English and Hausa. Approximately 313 health facilities received posters to use within the clinics.

The English versions of the posters are available here.

The Hausa versions are available here.

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Communication for Communication

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019