Project Example

Malaria Provider Behavior Campaign Job Aid

These are counseling and point of care materials developed for health facility providers and Proprietary Patent Medicine Vendors (PPMV) on adherence to Rapid Diagnotic Test (RDT) for malaria results. These are focused on resolving common misconceptions and issues encountered by providers, with the goal of building their confidence in the tests and in their ability to manage logistical, interpersonal and technical issues. The materials are:

  1. Job Aid for Children with Fever
  2. RDT Reminder Danglers
  3. RDT Reminder Posters

They were distributed in Akwa Ibom, Kebbi & Benue among Health Facility Providers and PPMVs, and were distributed to about 210 health facilities and PPMV shops actoss the three states.

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019