Project Example

Malawi – Moyo ndi Mpamba Campaign Family Health Booklet

The Family Health Booklet is an easy-to-read, integrated health promotion material, which connects families to individual-level actions, community-based initiatives and clinical services.

This pictorial booklet provides essential information on health to families to empower them to prevent illnesses and promote healthy behaviors. It helps families keep track of household-level behaviors (LLIN acquisition and use, hand washing with soap, etc.) and clinic-based behaviors (immunizations, HIV testing, family planning, child checkups and weigh-ins, etc.). Households refer to the booklet for information on how to prevent and treat illnesses. The booklet communicates on these topics mostly in Chichewa, though a few copies provided information in the languages of Tumbuka, Kyangonde, and Yao.

Between 2014 and 2016, nearly 676,000 copies of the booklet reached families in 13 districts, reaching over three million people with health messages.

Source: SSDI-Communication

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019