Project Example

My Island, My Community: HIV/AIDS Scriptwriters Guide

This scriptwriters guide was developed to provide technical advice to the scriptwriters of the Entertainment Education drama “Callaloo” on how to translate science into relevant messages and actions to address knowledge, attitudes and behavior changes in the audiences of the Caribbean Islands.

The Callaloo series offers a mix of love, desire, joy, corruption and tragedy following the lives of four families living within the community of Riverbend on a beautiful Caribbean island. Throughout the drama, multiple plots have followed the family members through times of personal and business success and times of despair and the lost of loved ones.

Building the knowledge, shifting attitudes and ultimately changing behaviors will support reaching the objectives of the program. The guide has been developed based on the results of the knowledge, attitude and behavior change baseline survey and supplemented by current research conducted by key partners in the field. The guide analyzes each result area of the project, and identifies the audience, knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of the audience, as well as offering recommendations for key messages and storylines.

Source: PCI Media Impact

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019