Project Example

My Island, My Community: Radio Call-In Guide

This guide was designed for radio station personnel involved in hosting a three part series of radio call-in shows designed to raise awareness around HIV/AIDS prevention in the Caribbean.

Three one-hour long magazines are hosted in each of the participating countries in the Caribbean with each magazine focused on a result area:

  • Preventing HIV/AIDS infection and the role of consistent condom use
  • Improving perceptions of HIV positive people and reducing stigma
  • Improving attitudes about acceptability of seeking sexual health care and using contraceptives and sexual lubricants, amongst listeners.

The guide describes the intended audience, provides information that might come up in the course of the calls, provides key messages to convey to the audience, interesting facts, and questions for the audience, along with suggestions of whom the radio host might choose to interview.

Source: PCI Media Imapct

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019