Project Example

Saath-Saath Litmus Test Game

Saath-Saath Project (SSP) provided HIV prevention, care, support and treatment services along with family planning (FP) services, referral and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and mitigation services through its outreach activities and expanded integrated health services (EIHS) sites.

The litmus test game is designed to encourage Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and their clients to realize that even though one may look healthy from outside, they may be carrying infections or may be ill or suffering from some ailment. One may have an infection, but often they do not have immediate, obvious manifestations.

The objectvies are to encourage FSWs and clients of FSWs to visit clinics for STI diagnosis and treatment; and HIV counseling and testing, and to encourage FSWs and clients of FSWs to use condoms correctly and consistently. The game is used by outreach staff during outreach education and group discussions, and also in drop-in centers and clinic waiting rooms.

Source: FHI 360

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019