Project Example

Scrutinize: An Undercover Lover Brings You HIV from Another

This poster is part of the Scrutinize campaign, which asks the public to “scrutinize” or think about what they are doing in order to avoid HIV. The message is part of an education campaign that teaches that a person may only have two or three partners, but if those people have two or three partners and they have two or three partners, this creates a network. If just one contracts HIV 169 others may contract it as well.

The South Africa National Communication Survey 2012 Preliminary Results revealed that Scrutinize reached about 70% of the intended population, promoted self-efficacy and positive attitudes toward condom use. Regarding HIV, the survey also revealed that self-efficacy to request partner testing and discussion with sex partners about getting tested together has a positive net effect.

Source: Johns Hopkins Health and Education South Africa (JHHESA)

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019