Project Example

Scrutinize Campaign Materials

These resources are from Scrutinize, a national campaign undertaken by USAID/Johns Hopkins University/Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa, in partnership with the popular youth brand Levis, other South African partners, along with creative incubation by Matchboxology.

The campaign included:

  • Seven animerts (animated advertisements) developed and broadcast on all national television stations across the country.
  • Scrutinize the Facts lets the user check out the facts behind each animerts
  • Scrutinize Facilitators Guide gives ideas for family and community activities
  • Scrutinize Live is an activity which runs workshops and community events around the country
  • Scrutinize On-Line provides regular updates and solicits input from the public on actions they are undertaking in their community to “Flip HIV to HI Victory”

People were also encouraged to join as a friend of Victor Scrutinize on his Facebook page in order to get regular updates.

An evaluation of the project was carried out, based on 9,728 respondents from across nine provinces that aimed to measure the impact of communication programs in South Africa. The evaluation found that the campaign has been effective in breaking through the media clutter and that the use of animation was effective in grabbing the attention of young South Africans. Seventy nine percent (79%) of youth aged 16-24, 73% of young people aged 25-35 and 55% of adults aged 36-55 recognized the Scrutinize TV campaign and logo. The evaluation found that the campaign was cost effective, costing only $0.14 per person reached.

Source: Johns Hopkins Health and Education South Africa

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019