#SeekCareForFever Facebook Campaign

Breakthrough ACTION

Working closely with Facebook, the President's Malaria Initiative launched the #SeekCareForFever campaign to overcome two challenges created by the current pandemic.

  1. Fewer people seeking care for fever due to fears about COVID-19
  2. Limitations on promoting malaria prevention and treatment behaviors when in-person outreach activities are restricted due to safety concerns.

Featuring tailored messages in English, French (#SeFaireConsulterEnCasDeFièvre), and local languages, the campaign encouraged Facebook users to get tested for malaria within 24 hours of the onset of fever. Through memorable, easy-to-understand, multimedia posts, the campaign also assured families that health facilities and providers were taking precautions to keep patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched on August 20, 2021, World Mosquito Day, the campaign reached nearly one million Facebook users in the first week. By September 20, #SeekCareForFever had reached over 4.7 million Facebook users, including approximately 38 percent of all Facebook users in Liberia, 39 percent in Niger, and 65 percent in Sierra Leone. Throughout the campaign, over 387,000 users engaged with the posts by liking, commenting, or sharing the content.

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