Project Example

Shuga Peer Educators’ Training Guide

The University of Western Cape created this guide for Shuga Series 3 through a participatory weekend retreat involving university students and professors.

The guide is designed to help Peer Educators both understand the issues framed by the MTV Shuga series and understand their own situations relative to coming of age, sexuality, families, stigma, and behaviours surrounding the risk of HIV. The focus of the guide is on whether and how MTV Shuga viewers use their knowledge of HIV.

The guide is centred on the quality of individual human relationships among young people and families that can support open conversation and a route to safer navigation of personal decision-making, the danger of silence, and the importance of personal, internal goals. Each session focuses on an episode and a theme, with invitations for personal reflection.

Source: MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019