Project Example

Shuga Tour Live

The strategies of bringing the MTV Shuga messaging to live audiences for more personalised involvement of staff and celebrities and for providing actual HIV testing opportunities resulted in the creation of touring festivals/shows. The organization of touring festivals consisted of events that involve performance, particularly popular music performance, and episode screenings, including face-to-face opportunities through peer education outreach at the events, usually in major urban areas.

For example, in 2015 in Nigeria, the project reach of a 3-city tour was approximately 3,500 people in Lagos, 500 people in Calabar, and 500 in Abuja.

In addition, screenings of MTV Shuga episodes for audiences at universities and community and youth centres increase the face-to-face interactions of Peer Educators. These events, for example, raised the number of face-to-face exposure to 60,000 people in Nigeria in the spring of 2015.

Source: MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019