Project Example

Tchova Tchova: Adapting Material from African Transformations

In Mozambique, the Tchova Tchova project worked to reduce HIV transmission and stigma and increase the use of services. To better understand the drivers of HIV transmission and stigma, the project conducted formative research. Formative research results helped the project determine an appropriate theoretical foundation for their work. They selected the Spiral of Silence theory, recognizing that people with minority opinions were remaining silent.

Project members identified the African Transformations tool, which contains video profiles of “positive deviants,” as potentially useful for their project and decided to adapt it. The Tchova Tchova project developed their own “Historias de Vida” video profiles based on the approaches and concepts from the African Transformations tool. They adapted the tool to include new and locally relevant content on gender and HIV/AIDS – including topics that emerged from their formative research such as sexual education, multiple concurrent partnerships, and ART adherence.

This one page brief describes the adaptation of African Transformations for the Tchova Tchova project.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019