Project Example

Adolescents’ HIV Prevention and Treatment Literacy Toolkit for Eastern and Southern Africa

This is a set of materials for working with adolescents.

The purposes of the toolkit are:

  • Create open advocacy spaces for adolescent HIV prevention and treatment issues
  • Strengthen the capacity of the key custodians of adolescent education systems and structures at community level (teachers and school staff, counsellors, service providers) to further engage adolescents and their circles of care
  • Scale-up availability of and access to information on adolescent HIV prevention and treatment at the local level

The tookit consists of:

  • Facilitator’s guide
  • Reference materials
  • Workbook for ages 10-12
  • Workbook for ages 13-15
  • Workbook for ages 16-19
  • Quiz cards
  • Personal responsiblity list
  • Teacher’s guide

Source: SafAIDS

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019