Project Example

Be a Safe Lover! Use Condoms to Protect Yourself…and Your Partner from HIV! [Leaflet]

This leaflet is part of the Safe Love campaign, a comprehensive HIV prevention campaign that addresses key drivers of HIV/AIDS in Zambia, including multiple and concurrent sexual partnerships, low and inconsistent condom use, and mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The leaflet states, “Be a Safe Lover! Use Condoms to Protect Yourself …and Your Partner from HIV!” and explains how to use a condom, covering the following topics: 1. How do condoms protect you from HIV and pregnancy? 2. How to use a condom correctly, and 3. Condom tips. In a rapid survey of the Safe Love Campaign conducted in May 2012, it was shown that 66.5% of respondents were exposed to the Safe Love campaigns, 56% learned at least one message from the campaigns, 39% reported changing their sexual behavior as a result of the campaign, 91% felt that Safe Love messages were relevant for Zambians, and 93% reported that they had a positive reaction to the campaign’s messages.

Source: Chemonics

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019